Seeking the long-term stable management of real estate
with our broad network at domestic and overseas

Our Features

An Exceptional Asset Management Company Made up of Three Specialized Teams

Property Management Team

The Property Management Team has property management capabilities based on expertise acquired from Nippon Kanzai. By collaborating with Nippon Kanzai, which has strengths in building maintenance and management, the team raises tenant satisfaction and provides high-quality asset management services. The team also works with our asset management division to perform timely property management services based on a thorough knowledge of real estate operations.

Leasing Team

The Leasing Team possesses an abundance of ideas and an extensive network. By using these assets, the team is able to propose leasing strategies based on an understanding of market trends. By carrying out its own strategies, the team raises the operating efficiency of managed assets to stabilize and maximize income.

Engineering Team

The Engineering Team has specialized knowledge concerning construction and design. The team proposes value-enhancing plans that make use of the unique properties of each building to raise asset values. The team is also able to investigate the appropriateness of construction specifications and costs to control over-spec and over-cost issues and carry out suitable asset management in terms of both hardware and costs.

Contribute to Maintaining and Enhancing Product Value