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Asset Management
Real Estate Fund Structuring,
Management, and Advice
We form funds that meet the investor needs with investment schemes 
to increase the values of real estate itself and the values as a financial instrument.
  • Formulating investment strategies and developing investment schemes
  • Acquiring real estate investment targets and trust beneficiary rights
  • Arranging investors and finance and coordinating related players
  • Portfolio Management and Cash Management
  • Increasing the values to achieve expected IRR
  • Developing exit strategy and sales
Same-boat Investment
We engage in joint investment (same-boat investment) 
with customers (investors) to respond to needs.
*Same-boat investment may not be possible depending on amount of investment, tranches, etc.
  • Asset manager that manages fund invests as a joint investor.
  • Method to align the interest of the customer (investor) and asset manager.
Consulting Services
Supporting and Consulting for Real Estate
Owned by Corporations and Local Governments
We offer agent services and advices related to continued ownership or sales of real state based on the owner’s management policy.
  • Proposing asset management plan
  • Proposing and offering advice on real estate, off-balance-sheet treatment of under-utilized real estate, and their efficient utilization.
  • Proposing and offering advice on profit structure analysis and improvement plan
  • Other consultations related to real estate