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Privacy Policy

We at Tokyo Capital Management recognize that our customers'personal information is an important asset. The following Privacy Policy from the Nippon Kanzai Group explains our protection of personal information during times when we use or hold this information.

Tokyo Capital Management
President Akihiko Soga
Established: September 21,
Revised: March 1, 201

Nihon Kanzai and Nihon Kanzai Group Company Privacy Policy

Compliance with Laws and Regulations
We comply with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and other standards set out by the government concerning the protection of the Personal Information, when using our customers' and employees' information in all business activities.
Obtainment, Use and Provision of Personal Information
We will clearly define the purpose for obtaining and using the Personal Information, and take appropriate handling measures in order to ensure that the information will not be used for a purpose other than the original extent. Furthermore, we will not provide the Personal Information to third parties unless the person to whom the Personal Information belongs agrees or when it is required by related laws or regulations.
Complaints and Counseling
In the case that we receive a complaint or a request for advice concerning the handling of the Personal Information, we will immediately conduct a research for inquiry and will response within a reasonable period of time in a sincere manner.
Security Management
We will take organized, personal, physical and technical necessary steps required for appropriate security management of the Personal Information collected through all business activities, in order to prevent and correct the leaks, loss or detriment of such information.
Continuous Improvement
We will strive to enhance internal systems to protect the Personal Information, and establish a management system for protection of such information. The system will be reviewed periodically to continuously improve protection activities for the Personal Information.

Contact regarding the Personal Information