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with our broad network at domestic and overseas

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Case Examples

Miyazaki Station Front Area Development Project—A Regional City Revitalization Project

Miyazaki Station Front Area Development Project—A
  • A redevelopment project for the area in front of Miyazaki Station, which had long been idle.
  • A fund to scheme was used to raise funds from local businesses and foundations.
  • A multi-use facility was developed with retail, restaurant, service, financial institution, government agency, convention hall, office, and hotel space.
Business scheme

Building funds with local developers and proprietary companies in regional cities

  • Acquisition of multiple rental apartments developed by local developers in regional cities with funds by our company
  • Accurate analysis of tenant needs and target demographics for each location through cooperation with locally-knowledgeable developers to maintain a high operating rate
  • Conclusion of a rent-guaranteed master lease and management contract with local developer subsidiaries to realize stable income.
Scheme outline

M&A utilizing a fund scheme

  • Engaged in an M&A assuming entry of staff from a company that owns real estate throughout Japan.
  • Nippon Kanzai received staff and the real estate was liquefied utilizing SPC.
  • After increasing asset value, it was sold utilizing a national network and profits were able to be distributed to investors.
Scheme outline

Increased value via conversion

  • With the completion of a rental contract for a movie theater in a commercial building in front of a terminal train station, a plan for increasing value via conversion was investigated.
  • Systematically conducted construction changing the use of multiple floors in cooperation between our engineering team and Nippon Kanzai.
  • Multiple restaurant tenants appropriate for the location were attracted and rent income was able to be greatly increased.