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Service Outline
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Service Outline

Real estate fund structuring

  • Formulating and proposing investment strategies, developing investment schemes
  • Acquiring real estate investment targets (acquisition operations)
  • Arranging finance, arranging investors, coordinating related players
  • Documentation services, settlement services (closings)

Operation of real estate funds during a term

  • Acquisition of investment management businesses that have cleared FSA registration requirements
  • Investment real estate fund portfolio management and cash management
  • Periodic reporting to clients
  • Operation and management compatible with various asset types Entrustment of office, residential, and urban commercial buildings, suburban commercial facilities, golf courses, and development properties
  • Establishment of internal property management teamsIdentification and implementation of best operational policies while communicating with the asset management team by establishing a property management team
  • Establishment of internal leasing teamsEstablishment of leasing teams and formulation and implementation of effective leasing policies while communicating with asset management and property management teams
  • Establishment of internal engineering teamsProposal and implementation of construction with a high return on capital investment by establishing engineering teams

Real estate fund refinancing services

  • Refinancing based on good relations with lenders throughout the investmentterm

Real estate fund sales services

  • Identification of buyers that can provide IRR expected by investors; and sale of properties